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The RCMP (Canadian)  Criminal Record Check Process from overseas

An electronic fingerprint submission to the RCMP is not currently available outside of Canada.  In Australia you first need to have your fingerprints embossed by us and then select a RCMP accrediated channeler in Canada as they  will submit your RCMP application on your behalf. You should select one of the below agencies  as they will email you the appropriate forms that are required for your application. We will then emboss your fingerprints onto the appropriate forms. The fee payable to us is $99.00 inclusive of GST.

If you have not made a booking for this service you can arrange an appointment online which you may do by clicking below:

After you have had your fingerprints taken by Fingerprinting Agency of Australia you will need to take the following steps:

Send your application to  an accredited RCMP channeler agency within Canada who will digitize the ink fingerprints taken in Perth and submit them electronically to the RCMP.  We already hold the application forms and instructions for the RCMP channeler Safran Morpho Global ID Services, and if you chose to use them to digitize your fingerprints and submit the application to RCMP we can provide all the forms required by them at the time of your visit to our office.

A list of accredited agencies may be viewed below. We do recommend Safran Morpho Global and should you chose to use that Agency in Canada the requirements and documents can be downloaded by Clicking Here.   Please note we hold the RCMP fingerprint form. Also note you need two forms of identification for the Agency in Canada, one must be with a photo, we suggest  a drivers licence and the data page of your Passport – these must be stamped by a Notary Public. We can guide you to the nearest Notary Public.

Global ID Services

Phone: 1-416-816-3841

East West Fingerprinting & ID Services Ltd

Phone: 1-604-593-5361

ClearNeed Information Systems Inc.

Toll Free: 1-866-464-2700 ext. 2009

Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

Phone: 1-877-322-6777

XL-ID Solutions (formerly Excellium)

Phone: 1-514-360-4550 ext. 101

National Pardon Centre

Phone: 1-866-242-2411

The Fingerprint Room Inc.

Phone: 1-855-453-2100

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All the other reviews say it perfectly. This is the best service experience I had in a very long time. The gentleman helping us was Arthur. When somebody asks you to get fingerprinted for a visa it is always stressful as you want to get it right. We felt in good hands and Arthur went well beyond what one would expect. Super service and highly recommended.

Going through my partner visa being from Canada, the police check can be very confusing and complicated. Tony made this process easy and efficient. He is thorough and organised. Recommend!

I recently needed to get fingerprints taken for my visa application (overseas police clearance in the USA), and I was nervous about getting the documentation correct. Tony was incredibly helpful- he gave me a great set of fingerprints to send off, and he gave me the correct forms to attach to my prints. I highly recommend this business- Tony was friendly and efficient, exactly what I needed.